We have been working with the outreach team to design an intensive training experience that includes the conference which is preceded by two days of intensive learning. This whole event will equip one or two leaders from your church or team to take your congregation through the Organic Outreach® process. This learning will lead to a certification of your leader(s) as Organic Outreach® trained. This year we have two distinct tracks for the Intensive sessions. One for Church Leaders and the other for Movement Leaders (Denominations, Church Affiliation Groups and Para-Church Ministries).


Registration includes three full years of resources for you to use with your church or ministry leadership team. We believe this training will be a great opportunity for you to develop a customized outreach plan for your church or ministry and also develop your leaders in fresh new ways.

Here is what is included if you send one or two people to the Organic Outreach® Intensive:

  • Registration for the Organic Outreach® Conference
  • Two day intensive in Organic Outreach® leadership
  • Most meals for the Wednesday-Saturday training event
  • Resources for three full years of outreach training for your church
  • Help in designing a customized outreach plan for your church
  • Connection to get you in a leader’s cohort for two years or connection to find an outreach coach for two years
  • All three Organic Outreach® Books, other books, a small group curriculum, and other outreach resources
  • Certification as an Organic Outreach® trained leader

The cost for this training is $600 per person. It is ideal to have two leaders come from your church or movement: the Lead Pastor and the person who will be leading outreach for the coming three years (Outreach Influence Team Leader). Register →