These six videos are best used in training settings including personal learning, small groups, and even in church services.

An Introduction to Organic Outreach

The Evolution of Organic Outreach

The Two-Degree Rule

Praying With People

Moving Past Fear

The One-Degree Rule

As you grow in your ability to share faith and want to help others learn to share God’s love naturally, these fun discussion starter videos will be of great value.

Organic or Inorganic: Gambling, Girls, and Jesus

Organic or Inorganic: Are You Washed in the Blood?

Organic or Inorganic: The Gospel & Lima Beans

Organic or Inorganic: Can I give you a Ride?

Organic or Inorganic: Sunday School Bucks and Diminishing Value

Organic or Inorganic: Bobo and His Brother

There is power in stories and narrative. Use these stories captured on video to inspire, educate, and equip yourself and others to share faith naturally.

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Blessing

My Outreach Hero

Street Worship

Marilyn Manson and Mountain Dew

What About Us?